Jamie Foxx Confirmed to Play Lethal Superhero in ‘Spawn’ Reboot

Todd McFarlane's Directorial Debut

According to Deadline, Oscar winner Jamie Foxx will take on the title role in writer and director Todd McFarlane’s big screen reboot of Spawn. McFarlane will also produce with Jason Blum.

Foxx will play lead character Al Simmons (in the film, he’s Al Newman), a former member of the CIA black ops who gets betrayed, killed, sent to Hell, and resurrected as a human-turned-Hellspawn.

The character was created by McFarlane in the ’90s and gained popularity in the comics community. McFarlane has described the new reboot as a dark and R-rated version of the wild-caped evil-slayer, more like a horror flick than a superhero one, and according to McFarlane, he had Foxx in mind for the role from the beginning of the process because he’s seen the actor perform well when there haven’t been a ton of lines to read.

You can hop over to the outlet for more of what McFarlane has to say about his vision for the project.