Watch: Jimmy Kimmel’s TAKEN 4 Trailer

Liam Neeson Guillermo Rodriguez

As it’s a bit of a slow news day, here’s the Taken 4 trailer….Not really. Jimmy Kimmel and his team released a fake trailer for Taken 4: The A-Paco-Lypse complete with the actual Liam Neeson on the hunt for Guillermo Rodriguez‘s dog, which, of course, has been taken.

The star has left the door open for an actual fourth one because people just love him kicking ass.

“There’s always…I think if audiences go and see it and they like these characters, I mean, I’d love to do something with Forest again, and if it’s in a ‘Taken 4’ scenario…great,”

he told Fox News.

In the meantime, hit the jump to check out Bryan Mills in Jimmy Kimmel Live!‘s version of Taken 4.

Man, I feel like I’ve already watched the entire movie. Lol. Taken 3 is still in theaters after was the run away box office champion in its opening weekend and stars Maggie Grace, Forest Whitaker, Dougray Scott, Sam Spruell and Leland Orser in addition to Neeson.

Jimmy Kimmel Live!