Joaquin Phoenix is Being Eyed for DOCTOR STRANGE Role


Another name has surfaced for the lead role in Doctor Strange, ahead of Marvel’s panel at Comic-Con this Saturday.

Though a recent rumors indicated the studio was looking at both Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hardy, The Wrap reports that three-time Oscar nominee Joaquin Phoenix is being considered to star in director Scott Derrickson’s film and “has had discussions” with the studio, although there is no deal in place.

Take it with a grain of salt, though: Phoenix is too eccentric actor and could be very difficult to collaborate with last minute changes on the fly. The 39-year-old actor was long-rumored for the Lex Luthor role in Batman v Superman, which went to Jesse Eisenberg.

But this could also mean that he’s keen to take on a comic book role of some sort. And the gifted and sometimes odd actor fits the mold of Doctor Strange character, an arrogant surgeon who damages his precious hands in a car accident and gets into the occult in an attempt to heal himself.

I have a hunch that Phoenix has got the part. Hey, if nothing else, he’s way better choice than Cumberbatch and Hardy, even better than Jared Leto.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead! Phoenix is currently in New England filming the Woody Allen movie and had been spotted buying “Doctor Strange” comics at a comic book store in Connecticut.