‘Joker’ Movie with Joaquin Phoenix Gets Greenlit

The Joker Origin Movie

Warner Bros. announced Tuesday that Todd Phillips’ standalone movie based around the Joker is heading into production this fall with Joaquin Phoenix closing his deal to star as the iconic Batman arch nemesis.

The film will be reportedly darker than previous DC efforts and will have a budget far below the tentpoles that dominate the form. Phoenix’s Joker film is said to be around $55 million, likened more to a gritty crime drama than a traditional superhero movie. Scott Silver (The Fighter) will co-write the film with Phillips. Martin Scorsese will be on hand as executive producer.

The Joker origin movie could be ready for release by late 2019, if all the stars properly align.

Warners is also separately developing second Joker movie with Jared Leto reprising his role from Suicide Squad, but Phoenix’s movie is going first. There’s no guarantee that Leto’s own solo film project actually happens.

Source: THR