‘Killing Gunther’ Trailer: Arnie Returns to Action-Comedy

Arnie’s Action-Comedy

Saban Films has debuted the first trailer for Killing Gunther, which sees the Austrian-accented muscleman Arnold Schwarzenegger actually looking cheery while being badass.

Taran Killam’s directorial debut follows the world’s greatest hitman, who has been targeted by a group of eccentric assassins.

Cobie Smulders, Bobby Moynihan, Allison Tolman, Kumail Nanjiani, and Killam himself co-star in the film. Saban Films will release Killing Gunther in select theaters and on demand on October 20.

Arnie’s Action-Comedy

‘Killing Gunther’ tells the story of Gunther (Schwarzenegger), the world’s greatest hitman. There are plenty of reasons to want to kill him: he’s arrogant, he’s a show-off, and he steals jobs. The assassin community is tired of it. Determined to retire Gunther for good, a group of eccentric killers from across the globe come together to set the perfect trap. But their master plan quickly turns into a series of embarrassing fails as Gunther always appears one step ahead.