Len Wiseman will Likely Direct ‘Die Hard 6’ Featuring Young McClane

A sixth installment in the 27-year-old Die Hard action franchise is reportedly a 70’s set prequel with director Len Wiseman returning to the helm. That’s probably not so good news for audiences but will end up being a great career move for Wiseman who has only directed the abysmal Total Recall remake since Live Free or Die Hard.

Bruce Willis, who doesn’t have a deal to return for the quasi-prequel, will only appear as a cameo.

According to Deadline, producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura is currently working with Wiseman to develop the project with most of the action taking place in 1979 New York City seeing John McClane serving as a rookie cop. The plan is for Willis to appear in the narrative as McClane in present day.

Boom! Studios Comic Book Series


So they’re basically adapting a Boom! Studios comic book series, ‘Die Hard: Year One.’ Well, it’s an encouraging approach, just leave Jai Courtney away from this. Willis seems tired and uninspired these late years and it will be nice for him to have a movie that is actually shown in theaters again and not VOD.

I just hope Wiseman won’t screw it for god’s sake. Yippee ki-yay, motherf***er.