‘Life on the Line’ Trailer Starring John Travolta

Life On The Line

Voltage Pictures has released the new trailer for Life on the Line, a drama that pays tribute to electric company linemen.

Directed by David Hackl, the film stars John Travolta as a working-class hero Beau devoted only to his job and to Bailey (Kate Bosworth), the orphaned niece he raised following the work-related death of his brother.

Also starring Devon Sawa (welcome back), Sharon Stone, Gil Bellows, Julie Benz, and Ryan Robbins, Life on the Line premiered at the Napa Valley Film Festival last November and will be released sometime in 2016.

Save for the cast, everything about it feels low-budget. Check out the first official trailer below.

“Life on the Line” follows the lives of a crew of eccentric and courageous power line workers who do the extremely dangerous work of fixing the crumbling electrical grid. John Travolta stars as Beau, a salt of the earth man who blames himself for his brother’s death and raises Bailey, his orphaned niece (Kate Bosworth). His worlds collide when Bailey’s handsome lover (Devon Sawa) joins his linemen crew on the eve of a massive and deadly storm that threatens to rip their lives apart.