‘Mayor Grom’ Poster Hits Ahead of Online Premiere

Russian Comic Book Movie

The largest Russian comic book publisher, Bubble, who also expands into movies, has released a trailer and new poster for Mayor Grom, a movie based on their comic book of the same name.

At last year’s Comic-Con, the studio screened footage from Mayor Grom, a comic book movie that tells the story of Major Igor Gromov, the skilled detective from St. Petersburg endowed with extraordinary intelligence and noted that he was himself utterly incorruptible.

Directed by Vladimir Besedin from a script he co-wrote with Artem Gabrelyanov, the film features the actors Ivan Fominov, Aleksandr Gorbatov, Danila Yakushev and AntonKuznetsov. Mayor Grom will premiere online via the website Life.ru on Feb. 19.

Ahead of its premiere, here’s the trailer and poster for the film.

Russian Comic Book Movie

The masks from the trailer are based on “Shaybu,” a classic Russian hockey chant that translates to “puck.”

Russian Comic Book Movie

Source: KG