‘Memento’ Remake in the Works at AMBI Pictures

Christopher Nolan’s Thriller

A Memento remake is in the works at AMBI Pictures because Hollywood’s dilemma is that they cannot stop remembering.

Whatever the reason, Christopher Nolan’s Oscar-nominated thriller Memento, starring Guy Pearce and Carrie-Anne Moss, is reportedly in the works, from Andrea Iervolino and Monika Bacardi‘s AMBI Pictures.

In the press release, they claim that the remake will “stay true to Christopher Nolan’s vision and deliver a memorable movie that is every bit as edgy, iconic and award-worthy as the original.”

The Italian film company’s film slate includes James Franco’s In Dubious Battle, the CGI family animated film Arctic Justice: Thunder Squad, plus Septembers of Shiraz, and the contemporary fairy tale This Beautiful Fantastic. AMBI recently completed sales on Sarah Jessica Parker’s romantic comedy All Roads Lead to Rome. They literally have no good films in its list of projects, for god’s sake!

I think I will boycott the sh*t out of Memento remake. This was easily Nolan’s best film. What is wrong with people?

A representative for Nolan did not respond to request for comment yet. I’m hoping this is just a phony press release to draw attention.

Source: THR