New ‘Central Intelligence’ Trailer is Out

The Rock & Kevin Hart

“Let’s do the flip!” New Line has revealed the brand new trailer for Central Intelligence, the upcoming action comedy starring Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart.

Directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber (Dodgeball), and co-starring Amy Ryan, Aaron Paul, Ryan Hansen, Slaine and Danielle Nicolet, the movie opens June 17th.

Check out the new Central Intelligence trailer, featuring two harder working dudes in Hollywood, the Rock and Kevin as a mismatched pair of former high school classmates who reunite years later only to find their lives have taken completely unexpected paths.

“That was so close.”

Dwayne Johnson & Kevin Hart

“The inspiration behind this character ‘Bob’ has always been Tom Hanks in ‘Big’ with an added twist,” Johnson wrote of his character on an Instagram post earlier this year. “He’s a grown man who’s extremely childlike and views the world thru exuberant and enthusiastic teenage eyes… Loves to wear his favorite Public Enemy shirt, cargo pants and sneakers to work.. and rocks a fanny pack which holds his Bruce Lee quotes and a condom (he’s always prepared). The ‘added twist’ is Bob has an extremely high IQ and is one of the most lethal men on the planet as a C.I.A. contract killer. Oh the most important character trait.. He hates bullies. Can’t wait for y’all to meet ‘Bob’.”