New Posters for Sci-Fi Movie AUTOMATA

Two new posters for Antonio Banderas’ upcoming futuristic sci-fi thriller entitled Automata have been released.

The movie that we haven’t heard anything about is directed by Spanish filmmaker Gabe Ibanez (Hierro) and also stars Birgitte Hjort Sørensen, Melanie Griffith, Dylan McDermott, and Robert Forster.

Banderas stars as an insurance agent of ROC robotics corporation who investigates cases of manipulating androids and, according to the official synopsis, “uncovers a truth that is far more complex than the make or model of any machine.”

What he discovers will reportedly have profound consequences for the future of humanity. Ibanez also wrote the script with Igor Legarreta and Javier Sánchez Donate.

Automata hits VOD and limited theaters on October 10th.

Two posters featuring a bald Banderas along with some of the robots in the film has Elysium meets District 9 vibe. Check’em below.



Could be good. Let’s see a trailer.