New Trailer for Russian Slasher Film ‘Dislike’

Russian Slasher Film

Here’s the new trailer for Russian horror film Dislike, said to be a typical slasher that incorporates the new Youtube and Instagram blogger business model into the plot.

The story revolves around eight most popular Russian video bloggers (starring a real-life video blogger, Maria Way) invited to attend the launch of a new energy drink in a luxury cottage outside of Moscow. But drink advertising becomes a lure, the cottage becomes a trap and all participants of the quiz – hosted by an unknown serial killer – have to answer only one question: “Who ordered your murder?” For every wrong answer, one will die.

Can someone save them, or they will all get a dislike button? Check out the trailer below to see for yourself. Sorry, no English subtitles.

Apparently, the Russian filmmakers seem to have fallen in love with the idea of a new tech-based horror genre.

Russian Slasher Film