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Earlier this month we heard from VanCityBuzz that Tron 3 is looking at beginning production in Vancouver this fall and now Production Weekly sent out a tweet reporting once again that the third entry in the popular sci-fi franchise would indeed start a five-month shoot beginning October.

Moreover, they report the three-quel’s title is Tron: Ascension.

Update: The tweet from @prodweek account has since been removed.

It isn’t official and announced by Disney, so I advise you to wait until things are 100% confirmed.

It sounds like Joseph Kosinski (TRON: Legacy) is returning to direct. There’s no words yet on Olivia Wilde and Cillian Murphy‘s come back. So far, only Garret Hedlund is slated to appear in the next Tron film.

Third time’s the charm, so stay tuned for more updates.

 By Rafael Aveiro