Official Trailer for Abbas Kiarostami’s Last Film ’24 Frames’

Abbas Kiarostami's Last Film

24 Frames is the last project the great Abbas Kiarostami finished before he passed away 18 months ago, and Janus Films will be bringing it to cinemas this year.

This non-narrative experiment, which title signals at the basic frame rate of celluloid film (24 fps) but in fact consists of 24 shots, premiered at last year’s Cannes Film Festival.

“Each shot is beautifully composed (not surprising, since they started as still photographs), and many of them develop a mini-narrative of sorts over the course of their four-plus minutes, with birds and beasts generally serving as the dramatis personae.” (The A.V. Club)

The movie opens exclusively at the Film Society of Lincoln Center this Friday, February 2, and will expand in the coming weeks. Check out the gorgeous first trailer below.

Abbas Kiarostami's Last Film

The final film from Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami is a wordless series of sketches elaborating on his lifelong fascination with photography. Consisting of 24 four-and-a-half minute sketches—each a digitally manipulated, fixed-frame view of a scene from nature—’24 Frames’ allows the late Kiarostami to evoke the moments before and after a still image has been captured, and to explore the thin line between natural and artificial beauty.