Official Trailer for Adam Leon’s Romance-Heist Film ‘Tramps’

Adam Leon's Romance-Heist Film

Netflix has released the official trailer for Adam Leon‘s Tramps, an indie romance-heist film which first premiered at Toronto International Film Festival last fall.

Starring Callum Turner and Grace Van Patten, Leon’s sophomore feature is about a young man who agrees to transport a briefcase full of cash for his troublemaking older sibling, only to lose it, and team with the driver girl on a long night to get it back.

Also starring Mike Birbiglia and Margaret Colin, the film hit Netflix on Friday, April 21st. Check out the first Tramps trailer, below:

Adam Leon's Romance-Heist Film

In Tramps, Danny (Callum Turner) is an aspiring chef whose hustler brother asks him to complete a job for him. It all seems simple enough: meet a driver with a briefcase, proceed to a rendez-vous spot and exchange one briefcase for another. But Danny swaps the wrong bag, sending him and the driver Ellie (Grace Van Patten) on a two-day odyssey through the boroughs and suburbs of New York City.