Official Trailer for Timur Bekmambetov-Produced “Birthday!” (“Днюха!”)

Russian Romantic Comedy

Timur Bekmambetov re-teams with “Enjoy Yourself, Bob!” (“Гуляй, Вася!”) director Roman Karimov for a new joint project, titled Birthday! (“Днюха!”), a romantic comedy about the consequences of a raging party.

Karimov’s new film takes up the banner of digital storytelling previously carried by “Unfriended”, a low budget horror film produced by Bekmambetov, which takes place entirely on a laptop screen. Of similar format but different genre, the first draft of a script was written by former “KVN” player Pavel Voronin.

The film stars Eldar Kalimulin, Danila Chvanov, Alina Titova, and Nikita Sanaev, among many others. (It looks like the screen capture style of “Unfriended” becomes Bekmambetov’s favorite – there’s a project on IMDB that’s still in post-production, titled “Liked”, “a Cyrano de Bergerac comedy for the digital age”.)

Birthday! will be released in Russian theaters on November 30th. Check out the official trailer below.

Russian Romantic Comedy

Sadly, this is totally in Russian with no English subtitles.

Russian Romantic Comedy

Anton decides to take part in his high school friend birthday celebration before he takes the most important step of a relationship with his girlfriend Marina. And all would have been well if his old friend was more than slightly jealous of Anton’s relationship. When Anton woke up after celebrating “dnyuhu” to find himself locked with unknown girl in her apartment in a different city, the situation spins entirely out of control. The Internet has already exploded with screenshots that showed just how bad his yesterday’s sexual exploits were…