Official Trailer for Werner Herzog’s Volcano Doc ‘Into the Inferno’

Werner Herzog's Volcano Doc

Netflix has debuted the official trailer for Werner Herzog‘s volcano documentary Into the Inferno, which premiered at the Telluride and Toronto Film Festivals.

The filmmaker’s latest expeditionary documentary invites you on a journey by way of trips to some spectacular, destructive volcanoes in Ethiopia, Iceland, Indonesia, and most startlingly — North Korea.

Inferno launches globally on Netflix on October 28, including a limited theatrical release in New York and Los Angeles. Watch the trailer below.

Werner Herzog's Volcano Doc

Here’s some new key art for the film.

Werner Herzog's Volcano Doc

Herzog and Oppenheimer first met ten years ago on the slopes of the Mount Erebus volcano in Antarctica during the filming of Encounters at the End of the World. Their newest film never stops moving, never stops seeking. We see Oppenheimer in Indonesia at Lake Toba, which 74,000 years ago was the site of one of the most massive eruptions known to man. Oppenheimer and Herzog travel to Mount Sinabung, where they narrowly escape a deadly eruption, and then visit Mount Merapi on Java, one of Indonesia’s most sacred volcanoes. They travel to the hottest desert on earth in Ethiopia, to Iceland, and perhaps most amazingly to the center of North Korea. Throughout, they investigate the wildly imaginative and wildly diverse stories that people have told about the presence and meaning of volcanoes. There is Mount Paektu in North Korea, for example, venerated by the current regime as a birthplace of the Korean nation and the revolution. There is the Codex Regius, Iceland’s most precious possession, an ancient text that tells of a tenth-century volcanic eruption. Into the Inferno is vintage Herzog, offering extraordinary locales, outré characters, improbable stories and, through it all, a chance to go deep inside a mesmerizing subject and emerge with new understanding.

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