Official U.S. Trailer for Columbia’s ‘Embrace of the Serpent’

Colombia's Oscar Contender

Oscilloscope Laboratories has released the official U.S. trailer for Colombia’s Oscar contender Embrace of the Serpent, inspired by the journals of the first explorers of the Colombian Amazon, Theodor Koch-Grunberg and Richard Evans Schultes.

Ciro Guerra directs the film, which has received the C.I.C.A.E. Award at the Cannes Film Festival along with being nominated for the 2016 Indie Spirit Award for Best Foreign Film.

Starring Borgman actor Jan Bijvoet, along with Brionne Davis, Nilbio Torres, Antonio Bolívar, and Yauenkü Miguee, the film opens in NY on February 17, and in LA on February 19, with a national rollout to follow.

Embrace of the Serpent relays the same magnificent spirit of the Amazon jungle as in Werner Herzog‘s epic Fitzcarraldo, but this time tells the story of an indigenous people from their perspective. Check out the U.S. trailer and poster below:

Colombia’s Oscar Contender

I believe the world would be a far better place if people saw more films like that.

Colombia's Oscar Contender

The ravages of colonialism cast a dark shadow over the South American landscape in Embrace Of The Serpent, the first film shot in the Amazonian rainforest in over 30 years. Filmed in stunning black-and-white, the film centers on Karamakate (portrayed in various stages by Nilbio Torres and Antonio Bolívar Salvado), an Amazonian shaman and the last survivor of his people, and the two scientists (Evans and Theo, portrayed by Brionne Davis and Jan Bijvoet) who, over the course of 40 years, build a friendship with him. The film was inspired by the real-life journals of two explorers (Theodor Kock-Grünberg and Richard Evans Schultes) who traveled through the Colombian Amazon during the last century in search of the sacred and difficult-to-find psychedelic Yakruna plant.