Official US Trailer for Lars von Trier’s Disgusting ‘The House That Jack Built’

Lars Von Trier's Disgusting Film

“The greatest cathedrals have sublime artwork hidden in the darkest of corners for only God to see… so does MURDER!” IFC Films has released the full official US trailer for Lars von Trier’s controversial serial killer film The House That Jack Built.

The film stars Matt Dillon, Bruno Ganz, Uma Thurman, and Riley Keough. A “director’s cut” of the film will receive a one-night only screening on November 28th, followed by an edited R-rated version release on December 14th.

I’m not going to watch any version of it, but I’ve got the new trailer for the flick for you to watch below.

Lars Von Trier's Disgusting Film

The story follows Jack (Matt Dillon), a highly intelligent serial killer, over the course of 12 years and depicts the murders that truly develop Jack as a serial killer.