Paul Feig Talks All-Female GHOSTBUSTERS Reboot


After director Paul Feig officially confirmed via Twitter  that he’s re-teaming with his Heat collaborator, writer Katie Dippold for an all-female reboot of Ghostbusters, now he’s given EW an extensive rundown of his vision for the new film in mind to bust ghosts:

“Yeah. I love origin stories. That’s my favorite thing. I love the first one so much I don’t want to do anything to ruin the memory of that. So it just felt like, let’s just restart it because then we can have new dynamics. I want the technology to be even cooler. I want it to be really scary, and I want it to happen in our world today that hasn’t gone through it so it’s like, oh my God what’s going on?”

Feig obviously doesn’t think that an estrogen-powered Ghostbusters is a gimmick at all:

“I just don’t understand why it’s ever an issue anymore. I’ve promoted both ‘Bridesmaids’ and ‘The Heat’ and myself and my cast are still hit constantly with the question, ‘will this answer the question of whether women can be funny?’ I really cannot believe we’re still having this conversation. Some people accused it of kind of being a gimmick and it’s like, it would be a gimmick if I wasn’t somebody whose brain doesn’t automatically go to like, I want to just do more stuff with women. I just find funny women so great. For me it’s just more of a no-brainer. I just go, what would make me excited to do it? I go: four female Ghostbusters to me is really fun. I want to see that dynamic. I want to see that energy and that type of comedy and them going up against these ghosts and going up against human detractors and rivals and that kind of thing. When people accuse it of being a gimmick I go, why is a movie starring women considered a gimmick and a movie starring men is just a normal movie?

In fact, the problem is not whether the movie is having an all female cast, but whether it just wants to have the Ghostbusters brand name, but not have it really be a Ghostbusters movie because it doesn’t include some of the old gang.

The director tries to comfort the fans of the original by pointing out that as far as he’s concerned,

“anybody wants to come back I welcome with open arms. It would just be in different roles now, but it would be fun to figure out how to do that.”

I think it’s just a bullsh*t excuse. The Ghostbusters are dead, long live The Ghostbusters! Head on over to EW to read the full interview.