Hot on the heels of the announcement that Phantasm: Ravager was complete, along comes a teaser trailer for the fifth sequel in the Phantasm film series.

Don Coscarelli, the creator of the cult horror franchise about the ghoulish, nefarious Tall Man and his lethal flying spheres isn’t at the helm for the fifth installment, but rather produced it.The first Phantasm film in 16 years is directed by filmmaker and artist David Hartman (TV show Transformers Prime).

Reggie Bannister and Angus Scrimm do return and Kat Lester also returns as the Lady in Lavender, along with Michael Baldwin (who played main protagonist Mike) and Bill Thornbury (who plays Mike’s brother Jody).

Take a look at the Phantasm: Ravager trailer, there are some new wrinkles and a giant metal ball, bigger than ever.

The upcoming film will reportedly feature an extended sequence on the Tall Man’s home world, but details of the story are still under wraps.