Pixar Planning INCREDIBLES and RATATOUILLE 3D Rerelease


Pixar Animation are continuing to convert their earlier works by prepping 3D versions of Brad Bird‘s The Incredibles and Ratatouille without a real reason.

Josh Hollander, director of 3D at Pixar Studios stated that these films would follow 3D re-releases of Toy Story, Toy Story 2, Finding Nemo and Monster Inc., but the two new re-releases don’t have sequels in development now.

He told delegates at the 3D Creative Summit in London:

Right now we’re working on The Incredibles, which is a lot of fun in 3D. I’m not sure what the release strategy for it will be. It’s been an interesting challenge to work on technology because – while the film was released 10 years ago – the technology is even older as it took four years to make

Hollander said, adding:

We have a version of ‘Ratatouille,’ which works really well in 3D and we’re trying to figure out exactly what the release strategy for that will be.

It wouldn’t be so bad if not for all the promises to release one this year because 2014 is first Pixarless year since 2005.

Their next film will be Pete Docter‘s Inside Out due on June 19, 2015, the year which will also see the release of troubled Pixar production The Good Dinosaur, which was pushed from May 30, 2014 to Nov. 25, 2015.And then Finding Dory, the upcoming sequel to Finding Nemo will swim into theaters on June 17, 2016.