Ralph Fiennes to Direct a Biopic of Rudolf Nureyev

Ralph Fiennes' Biopic

British actor-director Ralph Fiennes has reportedly signed on to direct a feature drama about legendary Russian ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev, who passed away in 1993.

The upcoming film is “a specific incident in the life of the celebrated dancer,” rather than a traditional biopic. The film will be based on Julie Kavanagh’s biography ‘Nureyev: The Life’ and will take place during the time period when he defected from the Soviet Union and moved to the West in 1961. I’m, let’s say, cautiously excited. At the very least, it will look gorgeous.

British playwright and screenwriter David Hare (The Hours, The Reader) will write the script for Fiennes and his regular producing collaborator Gabrielle Tana.

Rudolf Nureyev biopic will mark Fiennes’ third feature as director after the 2011 Shakespeare adaptation Coriolanus and 2013’s Charles Dickens sorta-biopic The Invisible Woman. This time, however, Fiennes won’t be playing a lead role.

The production is set to begin late next year. Fiennes is currently wrapping up the latest Bond film, Spectre, and he’s also supposed to star in an upcoming David Hare stage production.

Rudolf Nureyev Biopic

Via Screen Daily