Report: Warner Bros. Developing a Blue Beetle and Booster Gold Movie

Superhero Buddy Cop Movie

In some ways the time for this movie seems long past, but Warner Bros. is reportedly developing a Booster Gold and Blue Beetle team-up movie. Please be good!

In addition, The Tracking Board reports that “Arrow” and “The Flash” vet Greg Berlanti will direct the film, which is being pitched as a “superhero buddy cop movie” with an emphasis on comedy. Plus, the fan-favorite heroes, known as Blue and Gold “are also members of the Justice League and are being planted now to appear in a future JL movie down the road.”

Heroic Hollywood added the detail of Zak Penn’s (X-Men: The Last Stand) involvement in a script’s development.

Booster Gold, a.k.a. Michael Jon Carter, is a 25th century football star whose reputation is ruined after he’s caught betting on his own games. He steals a power suit and travels to the past, rebranding himself as a superhero named Booster Gold. The Tracking Board calls him “the DC universe’s equivalent of Tony Stark,” thanks to his arrogant but ultimately well-intentioned personality.

Blue Beetle is Ted Kord, a tech genius who comes to realize his Uncle Jarvis is a mad scientist. He foils his uncle’s plans with the help of Dan Garret, the original Blue Beetle, and takes over the Blue Beetle mantle after Dan dies. Ted doesn’t have any powers, so he relies on his wits, his athletic skills, and his high-tech equipment to defeat evil.

At Wizard World Comic Con in Chicago, Nathan Fillion (“Castle”) has already expressed his interest in playing Booster Gold and if this ain’t your cup of tea that’s algood.