Ridley Scott Will Not Direct BLADE RUNNER Sequel which Shoots in 2015

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Chatting with Variety, director Ridley Scott revealed he won’t actually be directing Blade Runner sequel, and that Harrison Ford will return to his iconic role as Rick Deckard in the third act of the movie.

“[Screenwriter Hampton Fancher and I] talked at length about what it could be, and came up with a pretty strong three-act storyline, and it all makes sense in terms of how it relates to the first one. Harrison is very much part of this one,” the filmmaker continues, “But really it’s about finding him; he comes in in the third act.”

It seems to me the really interesting bit of text here is from the outlet:

“Per Scott, that Alcon Entertainment production should go before the cameras within the next year, but with someone else directing (he’ll produce).”

The finding Deckard aspect sounds pretty fresh, but it very rarely turns out when they move onto a sequel without the original director. Blade Runner was a masterpiece so if no sequel comes that’s fine.

Anyway, fingers are crossed that someone can do a worthy addition like James Cameron did with Aliens when Scott left the project.

I guess Duncan Jones, Doug Liman, Neil Blomkamp, or David Fincher would be nice. But since the Blade Runner franchise is a Warner Bros.’ production probably this should be Chris Nolan. Thoughts?