Roberto Orci No Longer Helps Writing STAR TREK 3

Roberto Is Still Producing ST3

Roberto Orci, a frequent commenter on and the guy who was supposed to direct Star Trek 3, but then got replaced by Justin Lin, went on the site’s message board and revealed that he is not writing the script either.

“I’m producing, Nothing more or less,” Orci wrote about his current role on the project. So his original involvement in the scripting process with Patrick McKay and J. D. Payne is over. Uh huh, definitely.

“I won’t lie, I don’t know yet, but the story we are talking about would be awesome, hang in there!”

It is not known if Payne and McKay are still with the project. The rumor is that script would have revolved around the Enterprise, Vulcans and a new alien race competing for a time travel device. The Vulcans attempt to go back and stop the destruction of their home planet, with the time travel element ensuring that Chris Pine and William Shatner would meet on screen as Old and Young Kirk.

“Stop blaming [Bad Robot],” said Orci, defending the movie’s timeline. “It was my idea so that you would not know what was gonna happen next. Nothing more or less. I stand behind it. And it, again, is the reason why I make movies and you don’t.”

Roberto, Roberto! Cosa e’ questo? The reason he makes movies and we don’t is that it’s his job and not ours. I am also not a doctor but I expect mine to know medicine. The currently untitled third Star Trek feature is eyeing a July 8, 2016 release date.

But it’s Xmas time, let’s relax and have some fun. Check out the entire gag reel from the previous installment, Star Trek Into Darkness.