Rodan, Mothra and Ghidorah to Appear in GODZILLA 2

Legendary Pictures doesn’t want the heat from Godzilla to fade too quickly and returned to Comic-Con to confirm that the previously-announced sequel to Godzilla will once again be directed by Gareth Edwards and feature three classic Toho monsters including Godzilla’s pals Mothra and Rodan, as well as his three-headed archenemy King Ghidorah.

Edwards, who wasn’t at the panel in person, will direct the sequel after he’s done making his Star Wars spinoff stand-alone film that Disney has dated for December 16, 2016.

“We get to make another one. I’m just up here doing a small little sci-fi movie, as soon as that’s over will be Godzilla 2,”

he said in the video message sent today.

“Toho’s been great to us and now we have more monsters to play with,”

added Legendary‘s Thomas Tull.

The video reportedly ended with a silhouette of Rodan, with the tag “Codename: Rodan,” followed by more vague images that reveal “Codename: Mothra” and “Codename Ghiodrah.” No new footage was shown.

Rodan is a mutated pterosaur, designed after a type of prehistoric reptile, Mothra is basically a giant radioactive moth, and Ghidorah is a three-headed dragon with large wings and two tails.

They teased Mothra in the first movie too. I just hope the exciting monster fight scenes won’t be cut within 10 seconds of starting. If they’re doing a sequel to Godzilla it’s best to go big.

There are no other details at this time. Now we just have to wait to find out what it all means.