Rumor: Nicole Kidman in Talks for ‘Wonder Woman’

Nicole Kidman Rumor

Per The Wrap exclusively, Oscar winner Nicole Kidman is currently “in ongoing negotiations” with Warner Bros. for a role in Wonder Woman, as “a high-ranking Amazonian warrior” alongside Gal Gadot as Diana Prince and Chris Pine as the ever-present Steve Trevor.

The outlet speculates that Kidman may be playing the Queen of the Amazons, Hyppolyta, who also happens to be Diana’s biological mother. The studio had no comment on the possible casting though.

Hippolyta would be the most obvious choice, but there was another woman in the same origin story that made Wonder Woman the daughter of Zeus – Hera, the god’s wife. The real question is how closely the storyline of director Patty Jenkins’ upcoming Wonder Woman movie will follow the comics.

If Kidman joins the cast, this will be her second DC-based film, as she also starred in 1995’s Batman Forever, playing Dr. Chase Meridian. Whatever the case may be, with Kidman and Pine the poster and trailers alone will get a wider appeal for movie goers. Eva Green and Sean Bean were also recently rumored to be up for villain roles. (Kidman as Hera would fit right in with Bean as Ares and Green as Circe.)

The highly anticipated superhero film is scheduled for a June 23rd, 2017 release.

Source: The Wrap