Sci-Fi Short THE SAND STORM, Starring Chinese Artist Ai Wei Wei


Watch the 9-minute short The Sand Storm, a Kickstarter-funded project shot in secret by cinematographer Christopher Doyle (In the Mood for Love), starring acclaimed Chinese artist and dissident Ai Wei Wei. Written and directed by Jason Wishnow – the video manager for the popular micro-talk site TED – a dystopian sci-fi film recently premiered at the Telluride Film Festival.

Shooting took place on the outskirts of Beijing, In freezing winter weather and extreme air pollution conditions. The entire production was under a veil of secrecy more appropriate for a covert CIA operation – the crew used code names and ever-shifting modes of communication through the production.

Ai temporarily shut down the Kickstarter for the short, but he finally gave permission to Wishnow for it to be shown. The Sand Storm also stars Hu Jianing, Li Ning, and Bai Yao. Check out the film and the production featurette below.

 The film explores a city facing a water crisis in the near future from the viewpoints of a woman, a man, a lover and a water smuggler (Ali).