Second SPL 2 Teaser: Tony Jaa Vs Wu Jing

Tony Jaa Vs Wu Jing

The second trailer for SPL 2: A Time for Consequences has arrived, starring Tony Jaa (Furious 7) and Wu Jing (Wolf Warrior).

An upcoming Hong Kong action movie prequel to 2005’s SPL aka Sha Po Lang focus on an undercover cop who is kidnapped by a gangster and placed inside a Thai prison.

SPL 2 is being directed by Soi Cheang (Motorway) with Wilson Yip (Ip Man 1 and 2) serving as producer. Louis Koo (Flash Point), Simon Yam (Cyprus Tigers) and Zhang Jin (Rise of the Legend) also appear in the lead roles. The film is reportedly scheduled to be released in Asia on June 18, 2015.

Here’s the new teaser guys! Check it out below (via Twitch).

After busting a local gangster Hong in an undercover operation, hard-boiled cop Kit is captured by Hong’s men and wakes up in jail in Thailand facing a life sentence. While in police custody, Hong strikes a deal with Kit’s supervisor Wah to trade his freedom for Kit’s. Wah traces Kit to Thailand and manages to convince to new prison guard Chai to help save Kit because Kit is one of the few eligible bone marrow donors who can save Chai’s daughter, who’s suffering from leukemia. Hong breaks out of jail and flees to Thailand and order Kit’s executive. When Kit learns of Hong’s jailbreak, he’s determined to bring him to justice.

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