Shane Black to Direct PREDATOR Reboot for Fox [UPDATED]


UPDATE: Speaking to Collider, director Shane Black has explained that his Predator movie will be an “inventive sequel,” not a reboot.

According to THR, the Iron Man 3 director Shane Black (who actually appeared in a minor role in the original movie) is now attached to direct a reboot of the classic 80s actioner Predator for 20th Century Fox. Black will direct and oversee writing of a script by writer Fred Dekker with whom Black worked on The Monster Squad.

The 80s has the quintessential legends of action flicks and we’ve already seen a new RoboCop and a revamped Terminator is on the way. Predator is one of the movies that’s just filled with testosterone. The 1987 original starred Arnold Schwarzenegger as the leader of a United States special forces team on a mission in the Central American jungle, until they find themselves hunted by an extra terrestrial warrior that we’ve come to know as the Predator.

(My favorite line in the movie is: “Dude, you’re bleeding!” “I ain’t got time to bleed!”)

The original was followed by a direct sequel, Predator 2, before crossing over with Fox’s Alien franchise for two additional sequels: Alien vs. Predator and AvP: Requiem. Finally, Nimrod Antal directed a reboot with a new feature, Predators, in 2010.

Hit the jump to check out a couple of original Predator scenes with Shane Black (which are not really safe for work).

Black is currently pulling together the cast for his noir film The Nice Guys, which has Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe circling to star and remains attached to Columbia Pictures’ Doc Savage.

Black explained that he and screenwriter Fred Dekker will be “expanding and exploring the existing Predator mythology, rather than hitting the restart button.”

“Why start over when you’ve all this rich mythology yet to mine?” the director said.

The real question here is, will the film take place after the third Predator film or after the events of AVP 2? I don’t think the events from a Schwarzenegger-less sequel, Predators 2 should be mentioned at all.