Slim Chances with Neill Blomkamp’s ‘Alien 5’

Neill Blomkamp’s Project

Sorry, Aliens fans, but it’s all about slim chances now. In a response to a fan question about Alien 5, director Neill Blomkamp says that the chances of him going to get this shelved sequel done have been downgraded to slim.

Well, that’s a bit shit, particularly compared to encouraging comments from both Sigourney Weaver and Michael Biehn at 30th-anniversary panel that was held for Aliens at San Diego Comic-Con. Blomkamp also released several pieces of concept art from the movie last year, but now it appears even closer to falling apart.

Ridley Scott should’ve just made a direct sequel to Prometheus, as Alien: Covenant was initially announced, and let this Blomkamp sequel happen. Instead, the rumor that Covenant would be receiving two sequels of its own, leaves no room for a fifth Alien and will just confuse and annoy a general audience.

This isn’t official confirmation that Blomkamp’s Alien film has been canceled, but it’s a far cry from the update fans were hoping for.

Source: Neill Blomkamp