SNL Marvel Trailer Spoof with Chris Pratt


Check out a classic SNL video, a completely unfunny skit that was probably written on a napkin two minutes before it was produced. All jokes aside, I heard great things about last night’s episode, but I haven’t watched it yet.

I watched a few clips and the skit featuring the future of Marvel movies and how the superhero studio just can’t fail, no matter what they release, was my favorite one.

From the above image, you can see it also features a reference to the other Disney-owned mega franchise Star Wars and culminates with beloved breakout star Chris Pratt dressed as Princess Leia.

Watch the Saturday Night Live sketch below, a faux set of trailers titled “Marvel Trailer,” spoofing all of the ridiculous things that the comic book company could turn into a billion dollars beside the success of their movie, Guardians of the Galaxy:

“There’s a new group of blockbusters coming down the pipe from Marvel, including Bus People, Fancy Ghosts and Some Shopping Carts.”

And they’re probably right.