STAR WARS VII: Rumors About Harrison Ford‘s Injury


Star Wars rumor mill keeps churning. Two weeks ago the door of the Millennium Falcon fell and broke Harrison Ford’s leg. It apparently became a big deal, because new rumors suggest that the injury may delay Star Wars: Episode VII‘s release date, pushing it back by “a substantial amount of time.”

The Star Wars: Episode VII production team discussed the nature of Ford’s injury and how it will impact the shooting schedule as Ford’s Han Solo does, in fact, play a considerable role in the upcoming film. They have little option: to stop production, rewrite the script to remove Ford from the film or make significant changes to accommodate Ford’s recovery schedule. If the shoot is delayed, JJ Abrams finally gets May 2016 release date he wanted.

Lucasfilm reportedly issued a very carefully worded statement to saying, “There is no change in the release date.”

So that’s the good news, but due to the lack of an official statement we still can’t be sure if that’s true.

However,if this new report is true, they could be facing a production shut-down, like Marvel’s Iron Man 3 faced in 2012, when Robert Downey Jr. has suffered a similar injury on the set, that kept him sidelined for two months. The production shut down for a week, then resumed with shooting scenes that did not involve Stark until the actor was healthy enough to return.

To add to the rumor mill, the Edge of Tomorrow star Tom Cruise was in London recently and the rumor mill exploded that he could be set to make a cameo appearance in Star Wars: Episode VII. A spokesperson for Cruise reportedly claimed there is “no truth” to the report.

Star Wars: Episode VII comes to theaters December 18th, 2015 until further notice.