Steven King’s THE STAND will Be A 3-Hour, R-Rated Epic

Stephen King

While promoting this weekend release of the soppy teen romance, The Fault in our Stars, director Josh Boone shared a hilarious story about how his on-screen adaptation of Steven King‘s The Stand will be 3-hours long and R-rated to boot.

“We’re gonna do one three-hour R-rated version with an amazing A-list cast across the board. Eevery single one of those characters will be somebody you recognise and somebody you relate to. And it’s gonna be awesome. I’m really excited. It’s the most exciting thing I’ve ever got to do in my entire life”,

Boone said.

That all sounds great, but Scott Cooper, Ben Affleck and David Yates previously left Warner Bros. ambitious project to condense over 1300 pages in its paperback edition into just one movie. Boone replaced Cooper several months ago, and plans to reteam with his Fault in Our Stars actor Nat Wolff who will play a character created specially for the movie ?!

In my humble opinion, a two-part movie, two and a half hours each, or even the miniseries wasn’t too bad. As for a solo movie, they’ll have at least to cut down a little more from the secondary characters list, like Tom,Trashcan Man, Lloyd, Poke… The novel was adapted into the four-hour miniseries back in 1994 and still didn’t manage to cram near enough in.

However, I look forward to see how it turns out.

This is the way the world ends: with a nanosecond of computer error in a Defense Department laboratory and a million casual contacts that form the links in a chain letter of death.

And here is the bleak new world of the day after: a world stripped of its institutions and emptied of 99 percent of its people. A world in which a handful of panicky survivors choose sides — or are chosen. A world in which good rides on the frail shoulders of the 108-year-old Mother Abigail — and the worst nightmares of evil are embodied in a man with a lethal smile and unspeakable powers: Randall Flagg, the dark man.