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English-Language Trailer for ‘Batman Ninja’ Anime Movie

The Japanese-Made Anime Movie

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has released the first English-language trailer for the upcoming anime movie Batman Ninja and it’s wildly action-packed.

Batman Ninja transports the Dark Knight and other key members of Gotham City back in time to feudal Japan to battle reimagined versions of the group’s greatest villains.

The Dark Knight Goes to Feudal Japan in ‘Batman Ninja’ Trailer

Japanese Anime Film

Warner Bros. Japan has revealed a new trailer for the upcoming Batman Ninja anime film in which Bruce Wayne’s famous alter ego and his eternal nemesis The Joker face off in the age of samurai.

Junpei Mizusaki (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure) is directing the film with Takashi Okazaki (Afro Samurai) as character design.