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New Trailer for Netflix’s Orc Cop Drama ‘Bright’

Netflix’s Orc Cop Drama

Netflix has released the latest trailer for Bright, its big-money supernatural cop drama starring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton.

Directed by David Ayer from Max Landis’ script, the film takes place in an alternate present-day in which humans live alongside magic folk like elves, orcs and fairies like this is normal.

New Trailer for David Ayer’s ‘Bright’ with Will Smith and Joel Edgerton

David Ayer’s New Film

The full-length trailer for David Ayer’s new film Bright debuted during Thursday afternoon’s session at Comic-Con’s Hall H in San Diego.

Starring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton, and premiering on Netflix on December 22nd, the film’s premise mixes original science fiction with familiar fantastical elements.

Will Smith & David Ayer Reteam in First Trailer for Netflix’s ‘Bright’

Netflix's Fantasy Thriller

During the Oscars telecast, Netflix has released the first trailer for their sci-fi action feature Bright, which reteams Suicide Squad actor Will Smith and director David Ayer and is also headlined by Joel Edgerton and Noomi Rapace.

Penned by Max Landis, the story follows Scott Ward (Smith), a human LAPD cop, and his partner Nick Jakoby (Edgerton), the first orc to become a cop,