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Weekend Box Office: ‘Boo 2!’ Scares Away ‘Geostorm’ and ‘The Snowman’

Lionsgate’s Comedy Sequel

Lionsgate’s comedy sequel Tyler Perry’s Boo 2! A Madea Halloween had no trouble scaring up a No. 1 finish in its big-screen debut, proving that a bad Rotten Tomatoes score doesn’t correlate with the box office.

The comedy pulled in $21.7 million in its opening three days despite craptacular RT scores at 8%.

Second ‘Geostorm’ Trailer Starring Gerard Butler

Global Disaster Flick

Warner Bros. has released the second official trailer for the upcoming global disaster flick Geostorm, with Gerard Butler in the lead role.

Jim Sturgess, Abbie Cornish, Alexandra Maria Lara, Andy Garcia, Ed Harris and Daniel Wu also star in the Dean Devlin-directed film about a cocky astronaut dude who gets to save the world because someone sabotaged the weather-controlling technology, so you know what tone and style this is going for.

First Trailer for ‘Geostorm’ with Gerard Butler

Dean Devlin's Disaster Film

Warner Bros. and Skydance have released the first trailer for the upcoming disaster film Geostorm, which follows in the footsteps of The Day After Tomorrow showing the disastrous effects of man-made climate change.

Directed by Dean Devlin, Geostorm looks to be VFX-heavy spectacle-driven adventure and stars the modern B-movie king Gerard Butler along with Ed Harris, Andy Garcia, Abbie Cornish, Jim Sturgess, and Katheryn Winnick.