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Woody Harrelson’s ‘LBJ’: First-Look Clip

Woody Harrelson

Deadline has a first-look clip of Rob Reiner’s LBJ, ahead of its premiere at the Toronto Film Festival today.

A stirring biopic starring Woody Harrelson as President Lyndon B. Johnson is the second film project this year about Johnson after HBO’s All the Way,the play turned movie starring Bryan Cranston.

First Look at Woody Harrelson as Lyndon Johnson in Rob Reiner’s ‘LBJ’ Biopic

First it was Tom Wilkinson in Selma, then Bryan Cranston in the Broadway play “All the Way,” which is becoming an HBO series, and now this – Rob Reiner’s upcoming biopic LBJ. I guess Lyndon B. Johnson must be really “in” these days.

Never mind, we have our first look at Woody Harrelson as the 36th President of the United States.