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Weekend Box Office: ‘Power Rangers’ Morphs Strong But ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Remains On Top

Weekend Box Office

Lionsgate’s rebooted Power Rangers was the top new release, but Disney‘s Beauty and the Beast once again reigned supreme at the domestic box office with an estimated $88.3 million.

The smash hit film declined just 49% from its opening weekend, which was the seventh-best ever and you can bet the studio is open to spinoffs and prequels based on the property.

‘Power Rangers’ Reboot: Watch the All-Star Trailer

Dean Isrealite‘s Friggin Reboot

Lionsgate has released the new Power Rangers trailer that will play during the NBA All-Star game on Sunday.

The trailer is some of the best footage fans have seen of the iconic Zordon, voiced by Bryan Cranston, along with a new glimpse at the villainous Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks) and Goldar, the giant golden monster she commands, plus a brief scene with Bill Hader‘s robotic assistant Alpha 5.

‘Power Rangers’ Trailer #2: This is Your Time!

Teenagers With Attitude

Lionsgate/Saban has released the second trailer for Power Rangers, offering us a first look at Bryan Cranston as the Wizard of Oz-like Zordon. This full-length trailer even offers our first proper looks at Bill Hader‘s comically-aloof robot Alpha 5.

A cast of relative newcomers as the reboot’s five “teenagers with attitude” — Dacre Montgomery, RJ Cyler, Naomi Scott, Becky G and Ludi Lin — are outsiders who find themselves with color coded abilities,

New International Trailer Surfaced for the ‘Power Rangers’ Reboot

American Superhero Film

The first international trailer has arrived online for Saban’s Power Rangers, and it offers up a few snippets of new footage to whet your appetite.

The film is being directed by Dean Israelite and was written by Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz, and stars Dacre Montgomery as Jason the Red Ranger,

New ‘Power Rangers’ Rita Repulsa Pic

Power Rangers

Following a trailer release, Lionsgate has revealed a new photo from the upcoming big screen reboot of the Power Rangers franchise, featuring Elizabeth Banks as the iconic baddie Rita Repulsa in all it’s green glory.

It’s now obvious she’s going to be the main driving force against a group of teenagers (all of them outcasts).

The First Trailer for ‘Power Rangers’ is Here!

The Action Adventure

Lionsgate has brought online the first Power Rangers trailer ahead of its debut at the New York Comic-Con later today.

It’s a bit earlier than expected but it is what it is, and I feel like there’s too many things from what happened in the show being changed, but this doesn’t look bad at all.

Zords Revealed in New ‘Power Rangers’ Posters

Lionsgate & Saban Films Reboot

Lionsgate & Saban Films have released a batch of character posters for the upcoming Power Rangers movie, giving us a glimpse of each of the Zords, the gigantic assault vehicles piloted by each of the film’s leading Rangers.