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First Contenders for Marvel’s New Spider-Man

Logan Lerman Dylan O’Brien

Oh, man, it’s been a crazy 24 hours for Spidey. The internet is all abuzz with Spider-Man news and rumors. Okay, so, lessons learned so far can be summarized as follows:

Leaked Documents Reveal Sony and Marvel Discussed SPIDER-MAN Crossover

spider-man captain america crossover

Hacked documents reportedly reveal Sony and Marvel talked about a Spider-Man and Captain America crossover, as well as plans for an animated Spider-Man comedy from Phil Lord and Chris Miller.

Yep, rumors have circulated about Sony and Marvel working out something when it comes to Spider-Man as well as fans have been pushing for Sony to return Spidey rights to Marvel

Sony Making Female Superhero SPIDER-MAN Spinoff


What Sony Pictures need is a female superhero at the movies. Their revamp of the Spider-Man franchise will reportedly include a female hero-led flick set in the Spider-Man universe to be released in 2017, but which of the comic books’ many female characters will be highlighted remains to be seen.