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US Trailer for THE CAPTIVE Starring Ryan Reynolds


A new theatrical trailer for Atom Egoyan‘s film The Captive, starring Ryan Reynolds and Mirielle Enos has arrived ahead of its release in North America this fall.

Egoyan’s latest thriller played at the Cannes film festival this year and has been less than positively received, but this is still looking far better than anything Egoyan has done in years.

HERCULES Motion Poster, Plus More Posters

Paramount has released a new Hercules motion poster featuring the hero played by Dwayne Johnson as he takes on the massive Nemean lion. Brett Ratner’s sword-and-sandals take on the classic story comes to theaters July 25.

Based on Radical Comics’ Hercules by Steve Moore, this ensemble-action film is a revisionist take on the classic myth, HERCULES.

First Trailer and Poster for THE CAPTIVES

Atom Egoyan‘s kidnapping drama The Captive (aka Captives) was also announced as a competition title at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, and now the first trailer has arrived.

The film in the vein of Denis Villeneuve‘s Prisoners stars Ryan Reynolds as a father whose child goes missing