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New Red Band Trailer for Wacky Horror ‘The Greasy Strangler’

Jim Hosking‘s Midnight Horror Comedy

FilmRise has released the very NSFW trailer for Jim Hosking‘s midnight horror comedy The Greasy Strangler, which has received quite a bit of acclaim upon screening at Sundance.

Sky Elobar stars as a schlubby middle-aged man Big Brayden, along with Michael St. Michaels as his mean old dad Big Ronnie,

First NSFW Teaser for ‘The Greasy Strangler’ Horror Comedy

Jim Hosking’s Horror Comedy

The brand new and very NSFW teaser trailer has been revealed for Jim Hosking’s surreal horror comedy The Greasy Strangler, a film that premiered in the Midnight section at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year.

The films marks the feature directorial debut of Hosking and is about an aging disco enthusiast who turns into a greasy strangler at night.