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First Contenders for Marvel’s New Spider-Man

Logan Lerman Dylan O’Brien

Oh, man, it’s been a crazy 24 hours for Spidey. The internet is all abuzz with Spider-Man news and rumors. Okay, so, lessons learned so far can be summarized as follows:


Sony And Marvel Deal

Update: CBR reached out to Sony and their representative dismissed a report that Spider-Man will appear in an upcoming Marvel Studios-produced Avengers film, calling it an “old rumor” with “no validity whatsoever.”

Leaked Documents Reveal Sony and Marvel Discussed SPIDER-MAN Crossover

spider-man captain america crossover

Hacked documents reportedly reveal Sony and Marvel talked about a Spider-Man and Captain America crossover, as well as plans for an animated Spider-Man comedy from Phil Lord and Chris Miller.

Yep, rumors have circulated about Sony and Marvel working out something when it comes to Spider-Man as well as fans have been pushing for Sony to return Spidey rights to Marvel

Aunt May SPIDER-MAN Spinoff Movie Rumored to Be in the Works


“Before she married Ben Parker, Aunt May loved another man–a criminal!” And now Latino-Review is reporting that Sony is developing an Amazing Spider-Man spinoff prequel movie based on the early-life of Aunt May before Peter Parker came into her life.

Another Spider-Man Rumor: THE SINISTER SIX to Reboot Spidey


Following yesterday’s HitFix bombshell that Spidey could cross-over with The Avengers, a new report says Spider-Man is being recast and the Venom standalone movie is dead.

Here are three other rumors we are hearing from the folks over at Badass Digest.

Sony Set SINISTER SIX to 2016, Pushed AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 3 to 2018

No doubt Roberto Orci’s exit from the Amazing Spider-Man franchise left the series in a state of limbo. Actually, the not-so-Amazing Spider-Man 2 (it’s the lowest-grossing Spider-Man flick ever) pushed back Spidey’s third film by two years.

As TASM 2 failed to live up to box office hopes ,

THE SINISTER SIX Line-Up Announced?


ComingSoon.net had the idea that all you had to do is to use the Shazam app on your smart phone and you’ll unlock the The Amazing Spider-Man 2 end credits video — the already-released song “It’s On Again,” by Alicia Keys (featuring Kendrick Lamar) — and the images reveal the villain line-up for The Sinister Six spin-off!