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Steve Carell Finds Solace in New ‘Welcome to Marwen’ Trailer

Universal's True-Life-Inspired Drama

Universal has released the second trailer for Welcome to Marwen, the new Robert Zemeckis movie starring Steve Carell as a man who discovers how art can restore the human spirit.

Carell plays a real guy Mark Hogancamp who is attacked by a group of Nazis, putting him in a coma for nine days, and as a form of PTSD therapy he decides to build a scale model of a Belgian town during World War II where dolls become heroes.

First Trailer for Robert Zemeckis’ ‘Welcome to Marwen’ Starring Steve Carell

Robert Zemeckis’ New Film

Universal Pictures has debuted the first trailer for Robert Zemeckis’ new film Welcome to Marwen, the remake of Jeff Malmberg’s documentary Marwencol which stars Steve Carell, Leslie Mann, and Janelle Monáe.

The story follows Mark (Carell), a man who loses most of his memory after being beaten nearly to death in his hometown of Kingston, NY, and who discovers how artistic imagination can restore the human spirit.