Taraji P. Henson Kills for the Man in the ‘Proud Mary’ Trailer

Babak Najafi's Action Thriller

Screen Gems had debuted a first trailer for Babak Najafi’s action thriller Proud Mary, starring Taraji P. Henson as an ass-kicking assassin named, of course, Mary, who does exactly that.

The screenplay is written by John Stuart Newman & Christian Swegal and Steven Antin. The film opens in theaters on January 12, 2018. Check out the first official trailer (+ poster) for Proud Mary, using the Ike and Tina Turner cover version of the classic Creedence Clearwater Revival song.

Babak Najafi's Action Thriller

Looks made in the style of a blacksploitation film.

Babak Najafi's Action Thriller

Proud Mary stars Henson as the titular character, a ruthless professional hit-woman for the Boston mob who breaks good after she meets a young boy who awakens her maternal instinct in her that she never knew she had. The film is directed by London Has Fallen filmmaker Babak Najafi and co-stars Billy Brown, Margaret Avery, Xander Berkeley and Danny Glover.

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