Tatiana Maslany Rumored to Star in the First STAR WARS Spin-Off

In any case take it with a grain of salt for now, but we have word that one of a few actresses that were being eyed for the upcoming Star Wars spin-off movie may be officially attached to the project.

Drum roll, please…Her name is Tatiana Maslany! The 29-year-old Canadian actress has reportedly beaten the likes of Felicity Jones and Rooney Mara. She’s got an massive cult following due to the “Orphan Black” sci-fi series and I’m glad she’ll not only be continuing to play genre roles, but will be in the Star Wars universe (if this rumor is true).

More evidence of this came when word got out that Maslany had to pull out of an Off-Broadway play due to filming schedule conflicts, with Amanda Seyfried taking over in her role.

The speculation can now begin as to what role she’ll be playing.The Schmoes, Kristian Harloff & Mark Ellis, have wondered if she is to be cast as a bounty hunter, perhaps a Mandalorian (image below)?

Star Wars Spin-Off Movie

Could this mean that the first Star Wars spin-off, directed by Gareth Edwards, will be a female led movie? Well, I dunno, but if we find out she is actually cast, it can’t be much longer before we hear who she is playing and who else may be involved.

The first Star Wars standalone film “re-awakens the force” December 16, 2016.

Source: Total Geeks