Teaser Trailer for Mike Mills’ ’20th Century Women’

Mike Mills’ Comedy-Drama

A24 has debuted the official teaser trailer for Mike Mills20th Century Women, the upcoming coming-of-age comedy-drama starring Annette Bening, Greta Gerwig and Elle Fanning.

Mills’ first movie since 2010’s Beginners is about three women living in late 1970’s Santa Barbara who explore love and freedom living together in a bohemian house.

The full cast also includes Billy Crudup, Alia Shawkat, Laura Wiggins, John Billingsley and Waleed Zuaiter. 20th Century Women will premiere at the New York Film Festival on October 8 before opening in select theaters December 25.

Watch the first teaser trailer, opening with the sounds of Jimmy Carter’s 1979 “Crisis of Confidence” speech.

Mike Mills' coming-of-age comedy-drama

Mills’s texturally and behaviorally rich new comedy keeps redefining itself as it goes along, creating a moving group portrait of particular people in a particular place (Santa Barbara) at a particular moment in the 20th century (1979), one lovingly attended detail at a time. The great Annette Bening, in one of her very best performances, is a single mother raising her teenage son (newcomer Lucas Jade Zumann) in a sprawling bohemian house, shared by an itinerant carpenter (Billy Crudup) and a punk artist with a Bowie haircut (Greta Gerwig), and frequented by her son’s rebellious friend (Elle Fanning). 20th Century Women is warm, funny, and a work of passionate artistry.