‘The Adventures of Indiana Jones’ Animated Short

Patrick Schoenmaker's Animated Movie

Artist and animator Patrick Schoenmaker has created his own Indiana Jones animated fan film designed to be an introduction to an Indy animated series.

Read the description below:

Famous archaeologist Dr. Indiana Jones is on a quest of a lifetime, but this time he is fully animated in this passion project by life long fan and artist Patrick Schoenmaker. Over the course of 5 years, he has crafted the opening sequence of what would be the tv series to make all other tv shows redundant: “The Adventures of Indiana Jones”!

Check out a 1 minute 15 second long non-voiced concept video via Schoenmaker’s YouTube channel.

Patrick Schoenmaker's concept video

Nice transitions. I hope somehow this gets Disney’s attention.

The Adventures Of Indiana Jones

Patrick Schoenmaker, an animator from the Netherlands who has worked for Lucasfilm in the past, spent five years crafting the opening sequence of a would-be TV series titled “The Adventures of Indiana Jones,” which takes the famous archaeologist on a jaunt through several typical adventures. The animation, which bears a resemblance to the style of Don Bluth, is gorgeous and fast-paced, and includes cameos by fan favorites like Short Round, Marion Ravenwood, Marcus Brody and, of course, Indy’s go-to villains the Nazis (swastikas tastefully removed from their outfits). He even left a perfect segue for the Paramount logo to fade into a mountain.