The ‘Escape from New York’ Redo to Be a Prequel

John Carpenter's Cult-Classic

The remake of Kurt Russell-led Escape from New York was in the planning stages for quite some time, but The Wrap and Bloody Disgusting now report that 20th Century Fox’s upcoming remake of John Carpenter’s 1981 cult classic will actually be a prequel that aims to complement the franchise much like Fox did with Planet of the Apes.

The first draft of Neal Cross‘s screenplay has reportedly been delivered to the studio back in October and both sites have revealed some of the plot details, including the revelation of Plisken’s real name, the revelation of the villain’s name and there’s also a natural disaster on the way. Moreover, this version will take place before New York City has been turned into a maximum security prison.

Carpenter is still involved as an executive producer so there are lots more questions still to be answered. For example, when will Hollywood realize that these redoes are bad investments? I kid but I had more faith in Cross than that.

Now, let’s all go and watch Escape from New York and rejoice in its brilliance.

John Carpenter‘s Cult Classic

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